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RIMA-MURÁNSKA spol. s r.o. was established in Rožňava in 1995. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of Košice I District Court, ref. No. 7078/V, Section: Sro. Currently, there are two partners in the company who are also its managing directors. The company engages in a wide range of activities in the field of civil engineering, work carried out in a mining manner, and mining work. Some 30 staff are presently employed.

Company’s main scope of activity includes:

  • constructions and their modifications
  • demolitions, earthworks and excavation work
  • civil engineering
  • special foundation of constructions
  • activity carried out in a mining manner
  • mining activity
  • trade brokering within the scope of activity
  • retail and wholesale

In 1999 - 2002, Ing. Pavol Krajec, company’s managing director, developed the Gypsum and Anhydrite Deposit Opening, Development and Extraction Project for the extraction area in Gemerská Hôrka. In 1999, the VSH Sádrovec, s.r.o. joint venture was established with a 50 % share owned by RIMA-MURÁNSKA spol. s r.o. Its share of SKK 31,100,000 was fully paid. 40,000 tonnes of gypsum were extracted in 2003 – 2004. In 2007, Východoslovenské stavebné hmoty, a.s., the joint venture partner, exercised its right of pre-emption and purchased the whole share from its business partner.

Company’s prevailing activities nowadays include civil engineering, special foundation of constructions and activities carried out in a mining manner.

A pipeline repair and lifespan extension method was invented by managing director Ing. Pavol Krajec in 2001 – 2002, that has been registered as patent PP 240-2004 at the Industrial Property Office in Banská Bystrica. The same invention has been patented as patent 2005-26 in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, he made another invention, the pipeline route underground accessing equipment, registered at the Industrial Property Office in Banská Bystrica as utility model UV 3870. It has now been patented also in the Czech Republic, the Federative Republic of Germany, France and Austria.

Based upon the above inventions, supplied through exclusive license contracts, RIMA-MURÁNSKA spol. s r.o. successfully completed highly sophisticated works for SPP, a.s.

Where pipelines cross roads or railroads and where open digging is impossible, the inventions mentioned allow for pipeline repairs in full operation of a pipeline and related roads/railroads. Thus, some SKK 90,000,000 was spent on successful reconstructions in 2001 – 2004.

These unique technologies are offered for our future cooperation. They may be used to repair all transit pipelines conveying any types of substance (gas or oil pipelines, water mains, heat distribution systems, etc.) in places where pipelines cross roads or railroads and where open digging is impossible.

Our company can promptly respond to our customers’ requirements incorporated in related contracts for work or firm orders based on project documentation.

Working readiness is based on a particular project documentation and depends on particular requirements of customers (as incorporated in relevant contracts for work).

Gas pipeline accessing in a mining manner